Business Owners

We’re aware that businesses strive to take care of their patrons and employees, so we take special care in ensuring we accurately test their environment to get the most reliable radon test results.  To be effective in reading the levels of radon within a business environment, there are essential criteria that must be met while conducting a test.  We carefully weigh those criteria and the dynamics involved when performing a radon test for any business.

Being Professional for Professionals

Businesses want to appear professional to their patrons and clients.  We place that same expectation on ourselves.

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Realtors are Our Specialty

We understand the demands put on Realtors by their clients.  Time is of the essence when performing a transaction and we are well aware of the quick response needed to make a client’s transition, while buying or selling a home, go as smooth as possible.

We anticipate the demands of a real estate transaction, so we have the highest quality radon detectors to get the job done right in an effective and efficient manner as possible.

Our typical 48-hour radon test entails the use of Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) detectors, which allows for a digital report to be generated on the test premises by our technicians immediately after the test is completed.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building a rapport with our Realtor clients by becoming their reliable source for fulfilling all of their radon test and mitigation needs.

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Thank You Veterans

Radon Hawk was created by a military family and we appreciate the fact that our fellow veterans are under a tighter budget than most citizens.  We offer a discount to military active duty, reservists, and retirees to show our gratitude for their sacrifice to keep our country safe.  Thank you!

Get a Discount

Just show proof-of-service to your technician when paying for your radon service, and he’ll happily apply our 10% discount to your bill.

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Home Owners

Residential Home Owners

Home owners are our primary customer and we appreciate their continued service.  It is our mission to provide quality service at a fair price, and we hope to receive referrals based our level of service.  Word-of-mouth is important in home services, so any feedback from our customer is helpful to us to improve the way we do business.

Our Customer is Our Priority

We emphasize professionalism, integrity, and friendliness to our technicians, because our product is our name.  We understand and respect each customer’s privacy and believe his or her experience should always be a pleasant one.

We aim to use the best tools for the job to get the best results.

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